Purpose Coach Windsor

Transitions to Transformation Program

Price : $1,222.00 + GST

Our Transitions to Transformation Program is a twelve-session program that takes you through the “Awareness, Beliefs, Curiosity” growth cycle. Each of the three topics includes four modules.


  • How do I pay attention?
  • What are my observations and what do they tell me?
  • Where am I present to the world, how do I present myself to the world?


  • What are my underlying perceptions of the world?
  • What does this reveal about me and the world around me?
  • Where is a transformation happening? How am I making transformation happen?


  • How do I align my deepest desires with my beliefs?
  • How do I embody my magic in a way that it is visible to the world?
  • How do I stay attuned to the energy of the universe?

…with the result of breakthroughs to a new way of being.

This program runs over three months, with three 1-1 sessions with Crystal. exercises for each module.