About Journey to Inner Wisdom

Windsor’s Life, Purpose / Spiritual Coach providing guidance to people at different stages of their Life


Drawing on her background in Adlerian Psychology, Ignatian and Feminist Spirituality, Education and Learning theory, as well as the experience of being an educator (in Canada and Zambia), a spiritual guide (in Canada, USA, and southern Africa), counsellor, coach and mentor, not to mention mother, grandmother, wife…Crystal is committed to helping women break through their belief barriers as they transition through the many stages of their lives. As well as drawing on her diverse background she also taps into her own transitional experiences – some joyful and others painful. She tailors her “Awareness, Beliefs, Curiosity” process to the unique journey of each woman she works with, guiding them beyond their persona to the depth of their true being.

“I have been through many transitions in my life. Some joyful, some painful, some surprising and some unexpected. In all these transitions it was when I have paid attention and became aware that I was able to navigate the transition and uncover the underlying beliefs that were either stopping me or propelling me forward. I learned to be curious rather than judgemental as I moved into each new stage of my life. Some transitions are longer than others. My son suffers from schizophrenia, and I continue to attend to that reality and the pain of his suffering. My baby sister died just before the pandemic, and I continue to transition through that grief. When my dad first went into a recovery program, just before his first grandchild was born, my firstborn, I thought the transition to a healthy, recovered family would be clean and quick…little did I know as I began the healing work of an adult child of an alcoholic…and there are so many more transitions! I love to work with women in transition – whether it is about career, lifestyle, relationships, empty nest, retirement, death, and loss…these are the experiences that give us wisdom and riches in our lives.”