• Journey To Inner Wisdom

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All the leaves – well mostly all – are on the ground in my garden and the forest behind my home. It is interesting and inspiring to examine and watch the trees. The wind blows and they sway about. They seem so flexible and yet they are strong and sturdy – rooted in the ground.
A few years ago, my friend and I were on a long drive the day after a tornado went through a part of our province. Those flexible trees had snapped off, been uprooted, and broken. It was a devastating site. We both thought it was like something from a Sci Fi movie.

I was thinking about how we humans must be flexible and how sometimes we do snap, are uprooted and broken. How then do we remain flexible rather than rigid?

Our world is constantly changing and taking a rigid stance can bring us to our knees, break us down. How do we remain open and flexible amid so much change and chaos?

One thing to remember is that those ideas and beliefs we so rigidly cling to may no longer be useful, true or serve us. Can we let go of what used to work and no longer works rather than clinging to something for tradition’s sake or because we are being sentimental.

Flexibility comes with awareness – paying attention, opening myself up to new ideas, new discoveries, new possibilities. Imagine if we had not been open to the use of penicillin to heal and cure or the use of the telephone to communicate – some people resisted! I like the image of swimming in the ocean. When the waves come in, going with the flow is easier that resisting the waves. Resisting the waves gets us thrown around! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes resistance is called for. Then we must discern the path to be taken. In the meantime, have a look at your level of flexibility. Where do you stand rigid? Where do you resist? Where could you use a bit more flexibility?