How to Set Goals That Stick: A Life Coach's Guide

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Are you tired of traditional goal-setting methods that don't seem to work for you? Do you feel like you're caught in an endless loop of disappointment and frustration, never quite achieving the goals you set for yourself? In this blog post, we will explore alternative methods of setting and achieving goals that go beyond the conventional corporate approach. At Journey to Inner Wisdom, our life coaches work with clients from diverse backgrounds, providing personalized coaching sessions. Let's dive into some fresh approaches for goal-setting success.


1. Embrace Your Unique Path

Awareness of your own deepest desires is the first step. You are not setting goals for someone else or for a performance review. Take time to connect with your essence and purpose. 

2. Pursue your Deepest Desires

Set your intention for what it is you want to manifest. Visualize it. feel it in your body, feel the emotions that go with the desire. The more you can visualize your desires, the more your energy will move in that direction.

3. Create a Vision Board

When you can visualize your desires, create a vision board that you can see everyday. Spend time meditating and creating the scenario you wish to be in. Move your energy into that space. 

4. Track your journey

Keep a journal. Meditate. Notice the signs around you as you begin to manifest your deepest desires.

5. Savor Your Achievements

Celebrating your accomplishments, both big and small, is a vital component of achieving your goals. Taking the time to acknowledge and enjoy your successes generates momentum and motivation, encouraging you to keep moving forward. Reward yourself with something that brings you joy, whether it's a special treat, an experience, or simply indulging in your favorite pastime.


Effective goal-setting requires intention and self-awareness, but the results are worth the effort. By embracing your deepest desires, tuning into your body and emotions, visualizing your felt future desires, practicing awareness, you will be able to manifest and celebrate your magic. If you're seeking a life coach to support you on this journey, contact Journey to Inner Wisdom. Our Awareness Exercise Workshop, Enneagram Program, and Transitions to Transformation Program will help you break through limiting beliefs and embrace your authentic self as you embark on a new stage in your life.

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