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10 Key Considerations When Hiring a Personal Growth Coach: A Guide for Women in Transition

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Discover Your True Potential

Uncover your limiting beliefs and barriers to unlock your inner wisdom and power with Journey to Inner Wisdom.

I have known Crystal for more than 20 years as a colleague, a teacher, a coach, and a friend. Her work has always been exceptional and her vast experience as a coach and counselor allows her to offer thoughtful perspectives that help probe, guide, and nurture. I recently had the opportunity to participate in her 10-week Enneagram Program and was not disappointed. She guided discussions to create a wonderful learning environment. I would recommend her courses and services to anyone interested in personal growth, career transition, professional development, or simply self-awareness. I continue to be impressed with her level of knowledge and insight and am proud to recommend her without hesitation.

- Tina D

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Empower Yourself Through Inner Discovery

Experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth with Journey to Inner Wisdom's expert guidance and support.

Crystal’s sessions are filled with her easy humor and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about myself through the Enneagram with her guidance.

- Ann

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Make Lasting Change in Your Life

Transform your life and achieve your goals with Journey to Inner Wisdom's proven approach to personal growth and change.

Crystal presents the theory on 9 personality types in a highly entertaining, easily understandable way… she welcomes interaction and shares personal anecdotes which illustrate the content … learning about the Enneagram deepened my awareness of my motivations and behaviors and gave me clues as to how to make life easier and less anxiety producing… Crystal’s guided meditation at the beginning of each session helped me focus… most importantly, the course improves your relationships with others by understanding how your energy relates to their energy.

- SN


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